DeFi 101: Beginner Course (Coming Soon)

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This course is designed to take someone with little to no experience in cryptocurrencies and have them earning 20%+* APY on their first investment.

In this course, we cover:

  • Bypass Centralized Exchanges and Their Fees
  • Storing Your Coins In a Secure Wallet
  • Why Ethereum is so Expensive and How to Find Alternatives
  • Trading on Decentralized Exchanges
  • Borrowing and Lending with Crypto
  • DeFi Saving Vaults Earning 30%+* APY
  • Yield Aggregators Earning 50%+* APY


*Percentages fluctuate regularly

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Decentralized Exchanges
Lending Protocols
Beginner Strategies - How to Get 20+% APR on Your Crypto